Toys & Candy

by Madmartigan

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01 - Every Star is Gone
02 - Howl of the Minotaur
03 - Paper Thin


released June 2, 2015

Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Produced/Recorded/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Justin Autumn and Anthony Santonocito at Westfall Recording Company - Austin, Tx

Music by Madmartigan
Lyrics by Eric J Foshee

Eric Foshee - Vocal/Guitar
Joey Lopez-Lopez - Guitar
Jon Kovar - Bass/Vocal
Jon Deichmann - Drums/Keys
*Additional Keys/Guitar on tracks 2 & 3 by Justin Autumn



all rights reserved


Madmartigan Austin, Texas

Formed in 2011 in the crowded Austin, Tx scene, Madmartigan set themselves apart from the crowd with a sound as uniquely alluring as the city they call home. Interesting song structure, sweeping transitions, & poetic lyrics define one of the more fascinating under the radar Emo groups.
Eric Foshee- Vocal/Guitar
Joey Lopez-Lopez - Guitar
Jon Kovar - Bass/Vocals
Jon Deichmann - Drums/Keys
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Track Name: Every Star is Gone
And who would've thought we'd be...
Escaping so frantically?
Like we just pulled a bank job
But our pockets are empty.
As we ride through the darkness...
Your white knuckled hand in mine,
We'll drive with no headlights.
We'll get where we're going sometime -

Will tell...
If our decision was poor made
Black and cloudless around us
My regret is gone...
Not a building in sight
Still no Milky Way light
The glow from your eyes is polluting my skies
and every star is gone...

As we wake from the first night
More sober and reasonable.
We watch over first light
A smirk breaks across your face...
In this moment it seems like
Everything's just fine
We'll drive with no headlights
We'll get where we're going sometime -

(And you say can we...)
- we never go back home?
Track Name: Howl of the Minotaur
We grew apart, it's nothing supernatural.
And I never start anything I will finish.

Falling over like there's too much gravity...
My time is over now just leave me be...
I'm sinking...

You say I'm only trying to make a living repackaging my pain...
I say the hurt seems pretty real with so far minimal funds gained...
But still I open up my rib cage for everyone to see...

Just lying around.
Track Name: Paper Thin
You've entered my sub-conscious...
Where loves, they equal losses.

But you don't care
What you'll see...

You tread ever so softly...
Barely heard until you've got me...

Wrapped in a tight wound grip,
I'm coiled to your finger tip...

Seems like I should be afraid for my life but I'm equal parts calm and

You are a tornado and I am just...
Feeling kinda paper thin, falling over through the wind.
And you don't seem to mind just...
Where it is I seem to land. I'm falling through the skies again.
I have never had anything (anything...)
Like your power over me. I surrender totally.
Cause I'm only paper thin. Falling over in the wind.

Towards the open water...
We spiral unfettered, unphased.
Like lambs off to be slaughtered
You dissipate, I float away...

(We spiral unfettered...)
(Floating away...)

Floating out toward empty ocean...
Ending up with isles of waste.

You maintain your tight wound grip.
Still coiled to your finger tip...

Did so much more than just flirt with disaster
We made love, she stayed through the night.
Funnel clouds ripped through my roof and my body
I blissfully put up no fight...